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#TheLastJudgement Everyday #Camus #Philosophy

September 4, 2015

0 Every day we should face our end and our beginning. A day is a quiet universe – a world in an instant. Each day we need to face the edge, our edge and if we face it we will not be unprepared for great world events that overtake us and others. But ultimately we […]

#ArabIsraeli – Vision Beyond Religion – Only Brave #Communicators Can Resolve the Nightmare = #PeaceProjects

August 23, 2015


Sign in front of the Galil school, a joint Arab-Jewish primary school in Israel Unity in politics and religion and no religion but the belief that the spirit of justice and love is all-important. I am a Christian and I deplore the history of Christianity and I love many atheist and Muslim friends who […]

#Poetry #TunisianIndependenceDay #Photography #SupportTunisia

July 3, 2015


INDEPENDENCE IN TUNISIA The people speak In demonstration Of protest and grief, Protest against Those who violently attempt To rip the centre From their nation With cowardly mass murder Of innocent visitors From abroad. ——– They had come from nations Throughout the world From Columbia and Australia Poland and Italy Coming to see The ancient […]

Your Infinity #Love #SocialCommentary

June 18, 2015


Your Infinity

#Poetry #Photojourney #Travel JOURNEY OF THE CHILDREN #Tunisia #Afghanistan #Rumi

May 3, 2015


As I travelled In a four wheel drive Across the semi-desert Of Western Tunisia Accompanied by the driver And a family of five I heard a language I did not know Mixed with A little of my own Occasionally From the children It was then That I discovered They were From Afghanistan I talked of […]

#Homeless in Chicago

February 18, 2015

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#Fatherhood #NewYear

January 4, 2015


“You are just like him. You talk like him, act like him, have that smile that he had, and you even walk like him. He lives on right there in you. I know you will always make him proud. He sure loved you.” Happy New Year via @JessijSteele

#CelticBlessing at the #SouthernCross – #Poetry

November 30, 2014


The person who wrote this Is close to my soul I identify With every twirl Every nuance Of every phrase In every word string We prevail I praise The Life lustre That surges In this verse Blessings on you And your road May we meet At the Southern Cross And the nectar of bees Bless […]

When Fake #Christians Trash #Jesus

October 30, 2014


Yikes! via @CrazyAuntCyn

#EDL #Extremism Ripping Off #Christianity

October 26, 2014


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