#TheLastJudgement Everyday #Camus #Philosophy

Posted on September 4, 2015



Every day we should face our end and our beginning. A day is a quiet universe – a world in an instant. Each day we need to face the edge, our edge and if we face it we will not be unprepared for great world events that overtake us and others. But ultimately we need to transcend ourselves, our individuality, and dip into the entire life of the universe and more specificaly the human and natural universe. In so doing we become a part of the flow of consciousness that some call the Christ and others name in other ways -the entity of creativity and love. And beyond this we may sense the ultimate reality that some name God and for whom others have other names. Awareness moment by moment requires immense bravery – but transcendance to awarenes of others and the other requires absolute courage. Let us go there!!! Johndwmacdonald