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Posted on July 3, 2015



The people speak

In demonstration

Of protest and grief,

Protest against

Those who violently attempt

To rip the centre

From their nation

With cowardly mass murder

Of innocent visitors

From abroad.


They had come from nations

Throughout the world

From Columbia and Australia

Poland and Italy

Coming to see

The ancient history

Of civilizations

Displayed in mosaic artistry

And presented

In beauty.



The grief of the people

That their nation

Should host


Against those

From the world over


In order to learn

And understand.


The perpetrators

Learn only

The utterances

Of demonic ideology

Framed in the words

Of religion

Stolen, rerendered

And shot out

In ugly terror

From the stucatto

Of foreign guns.



The people walk

Soberly along

The central streets of Tunis

They sing no song

But shout ‘No’

To the theft of their religion

And the attempt to steal their nation

They shout

‘We are the Museum!’

‘We are Education.’


Carrying the Crescent

And Star

Of Tunisia

They shout:

‘We will not

Be destroyed –

Our nation will


In democratic hope’

They shout

And a willing world listens…

IMG_20150405_170024 Marina from Cafe

IMG_20150405_154249 Dove above Marina

– 20 MARCH 2015