CEO of charity speaks out about the devastating impact of Universal Credit despite threats

Posted on October 24, 2018


#Conservatives try to cleanse #Torbay of #Homeless people

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Image result for homeless peopleHumanity Torbay is a community group with charity status that was set up last year to help the homeless and vulnerable people in Torbay. The charity founder and chief executive, Ellie Waugh, has previously said that an unofficial policy of ‘social cleansing’ is being applied to remove homeless people from Torquay town centre. 

The charity has been offering support services and food to the homeless and disadvantaged groups from its offices in Castle Road, opposite Torquay Town Hall.

Waugh said it had been feeding around 200 people a week during the summer, with up to 500 in the winter, and there was a group of around 20 regular visitors who spent a lot of time at the centre.

Last December the charity applied to the Conservative Torbay Council for permission to use the building as an advice centre so the services could carry on being provided at the building.

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