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John is a poet, photographer and song-writer and is developing several works for publication. He works with others on an independent basis to create and develop enterprises centred on the development of social justice and well-being. His commitment lies with community and spiritual regeneration and he is actively involved in initiating and supporting social enterprises.

As a founder and director of the Yes-U-Are Partnership, he is working with a team to fund and develop the derelict Erskine Church to become a local hub in the heart of Dunfermline . He worked on a voluntary basis as advocate and mentor for several people who  found it impossible to lead stable, happy or successful lives because of childhood trauma, mental illness and addiction. This pilot Yes-U-Are project was part of a research project by ATCOR ( Advisery Team for Community Resolution) a Community Interest Company seeking to resolve community issues by promoting the voice of marginalised people and communities.

Erskine and Community Transformation

John is married to Karen with whom he designed a fabulous garden and thrives on networking – to try to make the world a better, more life-enhancing place – and enjoy all it has to offer!

South Coast Swan

Son of the Sea

Sound of Raasay

“I am a son of the Sea from three generations of Admirals on various sides of my family and my ancestry is populated with rogue sea-captains, Viking-fighters and Black Isle weavers. The women commanded large families and organised support for others. The men and the women painted and created me as a poet. My first was written down when I was three by my mother in the Sally Port, Old Portsmouth.

The Firth of Forth

The sea brought its bereavements, tragedies and mental illnesses and I struggled through the these lands in my early twenties. In London I gigged the Trubadeaur, read high velocity poetry from the main-stage at the final Windsor Free Festival where I was arrested for vainly attempting to rescue an Italian who was being pulled from his tent by his hair by Sergeant Savage. We started the Famous Five Poets when the Poetry Round excluded a man for introducing each poem with a Marxist monologue.

North Sea Post

My Pilgrims Progress took me through transcendental meditation, Sufism, Marxism, Astrology, personal politics, dynamic therapy, the politics of Trotsky, Labour and mental health and in the midst of it all I was visited by peace beyond comprehension. The Christ inside is alive, thriving, oft-times thwarted yet authentic. I and people I deeply respect fight to make it real. Other friends have a wide variety of beliefs but on the whole they love people which is what it’s essentially all about!

Sun and Dunfermline

I have worked across social care and arts and community development for forty five years , possess a cherished MSC in community education. Whilst my first effort at this was confounded by my own political campaigning, my second succeeded with distinction in 1992. In my dissertation I wrote about educational and therapeutic potentials in mental health policy. This came to fruition in practice promoting the creativity of older people in “care”, those with dementia and then people with mental illnesses. In the 2000s I advised the Scottish Executive on the rights of people with mental illness and wrote several research papers for local authorities in Scotland. I also managed a community regeneration project and was assistant manager for Scotland’s leading minority ethnic carer’s organisation MECOPP.

City streets

I live with Karen, my wife. My friends are exceptional and varied and for the most hardly know one another.  I campaign for social and political justice as reflected in the postings of my Facebook.

I have written a number of works and have published “The Harrowed Path – A Journey through Schizophrenia” (Authorhouse) and several translations of the Russian poets – Pushkin and Lermontov in the Scottish Poetry Magazine “Chapman”.

West Coat Way

Whilst my blog displays social comment through poems, photos and reflection, my alternative FaceBook page John DW Macdonald also posts a growing number of photo-arrangements and political ideas with a difference

Moving Onwards

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  1. Ronan Gwiomarc'h

    February 5, 2012

    It speaks a lot about your humanity…
    What happened to that hippy italian gentleman that you rescued ?

    • The problem was I never managed to rescue him. We werre both in court together that was how I realized he was Italian. I think we both got small fines but I got police assault which was a bit much for rugby tackling a plain clothes hippy who had just put on a little cheques armband. And hiois name was Seargent Savage! Those were the days! Or probably not! Thanks for your affirmation. I am new to all this. Cheers John

  2. Nice! beautiful!

    • You are very welcome Mysterystar! I am so glad that you find something both pleasant and beautiful within my portrayal of a little slice of the rather exciting but very strange and all-over-the -place life I have been given. I have had many advantages.. but also enough pain, disturbance and hurt to know what are some edges and dangerous places and to have visited and sometimes succumbed to them! Blessings and thanks again for your interest! John

  3. amazing intro! glad that you found me and i discovered your fabulous blog.

    • What a fabulous appreciative response. It is very encouraging for me as I am new to social networking and just starting to bring things forth!!!! also this is mutual. I am very glad to have discovered you. Thank God for Twitter!!!

  4. My goodness you are quite the experienced, successful and busy man. 🙂

    • Hi Coco! I think I am experienced and, at times, much too busy – however I am not conventionally successful!not yet anyway! Blessings – John

  5. Nice to know you, John! Lovely introduction 🙂

  6. Thanks for wandering onto my blog…it sent me to yours. Wonderful photos and great intro. Did I read somewhere that you’ve also landed in Maine?

    • I really would love to vist USA and will do so for a proper big exploration. The thing is in UK we live in America from our birth through movies and songs in our own language ( near enough) We identify every inch and feel we are almost there. Our media is so hooked in that disaters in the Americas only get reported if North of Mexico…. We feel there. We buy Maine designer clothing if we can afford it etc

  7. Nice and interesting blog, John! Thanks for following “Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean”. 🙂

    • iT IS MY PLEASURE! People who seek and love God should care for and value each other’s attempts to be one with His majesty! My blessings and love – John

      • You’re a complex and intriguing gentleman. Glad to have connected with you- thanks for reaching out! God shines through your engaging spirit.

  8. Love your blog.It’s so vibrant. Good journey.

  9. I love your message and feel the same way! Sending peace…Sherry

    • Thank you so much. Keep visting and sharing. I followed you because of the title and your face – before I even visited your site… very unususual for me to do that. Blessings! John

  10. I nominated you for an award! Check out for more info. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • That is desparately kind and I am very grateful its just I’m terrified of awards. I dont know why? anyway I’ll try>>! Best wishes John

      • Don’t worry at all haha. It’s a nice way to recognise blogs you follow for doing a good job and pay the goodness forward 🙂

      • Many thanks Emily Anne You dont know how much this means to me! Blessings – John

      • Sure thing! You earned it 🙂

  11. I nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogger Award! Congratulations and thank you for your incredible contributions to the blogging community! Even if you don’t pass it on, I hope I at least brought a smile to your face : )

    • Yes Thanks so much I am terrified of awards and particularly the things you have to fulfill or fill in But I really appreciate the sentiment and recognition!¬ Love John

  12. Hi! I have really appreciated studying your blog especially this particular article. You will find a small number of web owners that have the effort to essentially post good quality articles this way. In any event . you might have your hair a brand-new, devoted visitor! Many thanks

  13. Hello john ! i have nominated your blog for ‘Shine On’ blog awards! I know ur terrified of blog awards and it’s perfectly okay, every good blogger like you is afraid of awards.
    But still,Congratulations and for further details follow this link

    • Thanks Ryan You are very kind! Your appreciation of what I do here really means a lot to me! Ill try I really will I am trying to get published and overcome the fear of rejection!!!!!


  14. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    August 6, 2013

    That was amazing, John; your story is both heartbreaking and breathtaking.

    • O thank you so much I hope soon that publication will bring the results of many healing voyages into the public realm In the meantime it is the appreciation of you and people of your calibre that helps me along the way

  15. Beautiful post John and nice photos!

  16. I admire not just your talent but your advocacy work. I’m very glad to have found your blog.

    • Thank you so much. Having been among the weak and needy and at times being there again I think I can use what I have learned to make our bit of the world a better place. I like the idea of the meek inheriting the earth! Reversals like this appeal to me. I will post something soon on our wonderful Weimaraner Flora by the way! Blessings! John


  17. Phoenix Tears Healed

    August 24, 2014

    yours is the best ‘about me’ page I’ve read so far on WordPress, and I’ve read many; all the best with your ventures 🙂

  18. Thank you for stopping by my blog, and for your kind comments! Good to be across yours too, Vonita 🙂


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