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Posted on May 3, 2015


As I travelled

In a four wheel drive

Across the semi-desert

Of Western Tunisia

Accompanied by the driver

And a family of five

I heard a language

I did not know

Mixed with

A little of my own


From the children

IMG_20150331_232517 Casbah Hotel Tozeur

It was then

That I discovered

They were

From Afghanistan

I talked of Rumi

The mystic poet

Of old Afghanistan

And as the jeep

Bumped across the sand

And down the deep hillocks

Of the hardened sand

The ancient


Of Persia

Opened its heart

And revealed its wisdom

IMG_20150401_071311 awaiting sunrise on salt desert

Over two days

I learned of the

Poets of the City of Balkh

And the fountainhead


The Conference

Of the Birds

IMG_20150405_154137 The Laughing Dove - faded

And over two days

The splendid children

Of five nations

Dominated our coach

In play

Between themselves

With no reference

To their origins


Malaysia, Pakistan

Germany, Afghanistan

And the United Kingdom

Skilled networkers

Of eight and nine

Exchanging email addresses

Entertaining  one another

And creating

A zone of civilization


Anything more

Than a safety


Of adults

Sitting beside them


And then I knew

As the coach travelled onwards

Across the salt desert

And to the

Cave dwellings

Of the Berbers

Of Mahmata

That our world will not be destroyed

By the idiocies

Of ideology and violence

But will be


By the intelligent


Children of the nations

IMG_20150401_071656 salt desert sunrise

And in the final

Hours of the journey

I discussed

With my new friend

The refugee journalist

The politics

Of avaricious


And the civilized

Words of the

Respected poets of

Thirteenth century


And wondered

When we will

All wake up

And make our world

Like the wold

Of the children

And I knew

That we will only do so

When we listen

To them

And then I was

Very glad

IMG_20150503_195821 TUNISIAN FLAG

From my forthcoming work “From an Eye on the Crescent – Convene the Parliament of the Birds”

– Viewing the World through the lens of the Land of Tunisia