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#Attlee Descendents Urge Support for #Corbyn

August 9, 2016


Letter to all Labour Members  “As Clem Attlee’s great niece and great nephew we would like to strongly endorse the continued leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. Under our great uncle as Prime Minister, the Labour Government enabled the creation of the Welfare State, inaugurated the National Health Service, implemented a major council housing building programme and […]

#Sanders Inspires #US all! #NewVideo

May 15, 2016


#ArabIsraeli – Vision Beyond Religion – Only Brave #Communicators Can Resolve the Nightmare = #PeaceProjects

August 23, 2015


Sign in front of the Galil school, a joint Arab-Jewish primary school in Israel Unity in politics and religion and no religion but the belief that the spirit of justice and love is all-important. I am a Christian and I deplore the history of Christianity and I love many atheist and Muslim friends who […]

#JohnPilger: #Fascism and a new holocaust beckon if we remain silent – Please #Comment

July 20, 2015

4 If you manage to read this perspective you will gather how deeply it diverges from mainstream media. However Pilger was always renowned for his integrity. I think he has very valid insights into Western motivation, but I really wonder if he is quite so insightful into Putin’s Russian motivations? johndwnmacdonald

#Trauma #MentalHealth 20 Signs of #UnresolvedTrauma

July 20, 2015

0 via @DiscussingDID This raises many important issues. I would only add that there are many who would find formal therapy a difficult step and a step outside their cultures and also almost completely unavailable on a funded basis. It therefore becomes even more important that there is some basic understanding of these issues among […]

#Poetry #Definitions

July 4, 2015



Remake #ScottishLabour to be again the great Party of #SocialJustice

May 15, 2015


These are my views as a member of the Labour party in Scotland since 1976 in Edinburgh, Midlothian and Fife.   ———- As I said on the Great Debate on BBC Scotland today, Labour in Scotland has for long required to regain its position as a the  party of Social Justice and the party of Vision […]

Keeping #Relationships Fresh

February 19, 2015


#Homeless in Chicago

February 18, 2015

0 A comment I also liked…

‘Of Popes and Cleggs!’ by #TomPride Hilarious #Satirist of BritPol

February 8, 2015


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