#Attlee Descendents Urge Support for #Corbyn

Posted on August 9, 2016



Letter to all Labour Members 

“As Clem Attlee’s great niece and great nephew we would like to strongly endorse the continued leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

Under our great uncle as Prime Minister, the Labour Government enabled the creation of the Welfare State, inaugurated the National Health Service, implemented a major council housing building programme and achieved full employment, increased living standards and economic growth. This was done at a time of economic debt which makes any recent debt pale into insignificance. We applaud the success of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell at exposing the economic fallacy behind the doctrine of Austerity and setting both the national agenda and the course of Labour Party away from this failed economic model into one that invests both in the economic future and in all the people of this country, with no-one left behind.

We urge all members and MPs to vote for and rally around Jeremy Corbyn so that the Labour Party, under his leadership, can present the alternative government approach that is so desparately required for the economy of the United Kingdom and the wellbeing of its people. The Attlee Government demonstrated emphatically that this can be achieved and we urge the party to place their confidence in a strategy rooted in this most successful and ground breaking era of Labour government history but recalibrated for the 21st century.”

Cath Attlee and John DW Macdonald 


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