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#Disability #HateCrime of #TheresaMay

June 22, 2018


#Attlee Descendents Urge Support for #Corbyn

August 9, 2016


Letter to all Labour Members  “As Clem Attlee’s great niece and great nephew we would like to strongly endorse the continued leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. Under our great uncle as Prime Minister, the Labour Government enabled the creation of the Welfare State, inaugurated the National Health Service, implemented a major council housing building programme and […]

#OrdinaryPeople for #Corbyn 10,000 take over #LiverpoolCityCentre

August 2, 2016


Jeremy Corbyn: A revolution in plain sight via @ShanklysBoys1

#Corbyn #Messages #CornwallsBeaches

July 4, 2016


At last The Left in Britain has discovered IMAGINATION. Out future AT LAST is bright!!!   BBC News – Corbyn support messages written on Cornwall’s beaches

#Sanders Inspires #US all! #NewVideo

May 15, 2016


March 8, 2016


#Galbraith Definition of #Conservatism has been made flesh by the #UKGovernment Inflicting Suffering on the less fortunate is fundamental Government Policy

#JeremyCorbyn blistering attack on #EconomicPolicies of #NewLabour

March 3, 2016


s BYJACK BLANCHARD La a speech to business chi   #JeremyCorbyn blistering attack on #EconomicPolicies of #NewLabour Daily Mirror 3 March 2016 Jeremy Corbyn today launched a blistering attack on Tony Blair and Gordon Brown for their “unsustainable” handling of the UK economy. In his first major speech to business leaders, Mr Corbyn savaged New […]

#Eugenics #Austerity:Beware #Fascism

February 28, 2016


Adam Perkins, Conservative narratives and neuro-neoliberalism via @RevolutionBreeze

Connect #WoodyGuthrie #DonaldTrump?

February 2, 2016



November 29, 2015


Click to access AT-CoR-Report-Road-to-Recovery-November-2015.pdf Click to access AT-CoR-Report-Road-to-Recovery-November-2015.pdf Click to access AT-CoR-Report-Road-to-Recovery-November-2015.pdf This report is the fruit of more than three and a half years talking and working with people who had been trapped in addiction, begging and homelessness in Dunfermline and surrounding towns and villages. It fundamentally questions the Scottish Government Strategy and calls […]

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