The #MPs with #Confidence In #Corbyn

Posted on June 28, 2016


British Politics needs a party with integrity and consistency. We in the Labour Party need a leader who can deliver this – rather than being will o the wisp to the passing fashions and fads of the Westminster commentariat! 

These MPs voted Confidence in Jeremy Corbyn via @seagullnic

At long long last those who wish to fulfill the democratic will of the Labour Party membership have identified themselves by their actions . As have those who think their personal views, trenchant with asssumed priviledge – and fullsomely backed by the right wing British Media – are more important then “the rabble” As a Labour Party member since 1977, I choose and shall always so choose to be a stalwart part of that “rabble”.

The so called Corbyn agenda is neither communist not desparately radical. It is based on the economic knowledge of 80% of the World’s leading economists.

It is based on compassion for the excluded, poor and oppressed

It is based on fairness for all

It is based on Peace where possible.

It is based on”#ANewKindOfPolitics”