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A Silver Thought – reposted with great respect!

May 23, 2012


A Silver Thought  reposted – as always with great respect Welcome to Silver Poetry. Reading poetry makes my heart beat a little faster than reading everyday words. Poetry is art, poetry is a soft, melting tongue. Poetry is swiftly flowing gold or slow honey,  poetry is a kiss. Enjoy this art of mine, feel free […]

Is Tomorrow Just another Day

May 20, 2012


Is Tomorrow Just another Day. K. McGee: via @wordpressdotcom Passion philosophy & religion explode in one short poem!

See the poem The Wounded Warrior – Armageddon

May 4, 2012


“Shadows, night…..comfort is here …” The Wounded Warrior: Armaggeddon @Beyond_Survivor ( ) Mad bad things happen to men and we have to find a way to say to the world what this is: I respond to this heartfelt and beautiful poem: ‘Within your pain the majesty of beauty and the grief of Love! This is quite simply […]

On His Way to the Bridge by Palestine Rose

May 3, 2012


on his way to the bridge to commit suicide, romero saw a homeless dog, seeing they were both “casualties of war” – he decided to live, since he now has someone who values him. 05_Fortunate_Son.m4a (free download) Listen on Posterous Message from Palestine Rose My new blog is now here: A Place Called Love, please […]

Modest photographer meets cardinal! Hurrah!!

May 3, 2012


f/5.6, 1/125, ISO-100, 300mm I spend a large portion of my photography time in the wild, but I don’t do a lot of wildlife shots. Partly I don’t think I’m very good at it, and partly I haven’t really caught the knack of catching wildlife when it’s interesting. I stumble around like a rhino in […]

Connect With Visual Journey Photography

April 29, 2012


Connect With Visual Journey Photography. f/9, 1/125, ISO-200, 300mm Each photograph – a little masterpiece!

Lazy the Logic of the Atheist!

April 24, 2012


My response to this recent Facebook Post Based on sheer misunderstanding of God. If you’re going to criticise something first understand it. Dont criticise something else then claim it is the thing you are castigating. This is creating ‘straw men’. Its the sloppiest form of ‘logic’ particularly current among celeb atheists such as Dawkins!  It’s […]

April 19, 2012


Originally posted on Visual Journey Photography:
f/6.3, 1/800, ISO-100, 28mm I’ve had this image in my head for a long time. Several weeks at least. I knew I would take it, but for a long time I didn’t know where I would take it. Then a friend reminded me that there is a wind farm…

April 15, 2012


Originally posted on Queen of good times!:
Knowledge is power they say… I disagree Applied knowledge is power! and that too when applied at the right time, by the right one, on the right subject. That creates a phenomenal result. I ‘ve being studying various things academically… electronics… computing… management… graphology. Few say m confused but sumthing…


April 15, 2012


Visit Hailing from centuries of sea-going adventurers and hand-loom weavers – John confidently navigates, focuses on and blends issues – simple and complex – that are important for the individual in the world. He links with other poets and photographers, juxtaposing their posts and his own – his site is full of insight and […]

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