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Lost and Never Found: An Alcoholic’s Unknown Story

June 27, 2016


“Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Proving nature’s laws wrong, it learned to walk without having feet. Funny, it seems to by keeping it’s dreams; it l… “The only ones debating it are those that are in the public and don’t have the information, or are restating […]

#Sanders Inspires #US all! #NewVideo

May 15, 2016


March 8, 2016


#Galbraith Definition of #Conservatism has been made flesh by the #UKGovernment Inflicting Suffering on the less fortunate is fundamental Government Policy

#BritishMentalHealth #NatashaDevon #TheIndependent

February 17, 2016


#Life #MentalIllness #Honesty

January 23, 2016


#Trauma #MentalHealth 20 Signs of #UnresolvedTrauma

July 20, 2015

0 via @DiscussingDID This raises many important issues. I would only add that there are many who would find formal therapy a difficult step and a step outside their cultures and also almost completely unavailable on a funded basis. It therefore becomes even more important that there is some basic understanding of these issues among […]

#TheHarrowedPath The New Intervew: Learn about #Healing and #Recovery from my Journey through #Schizophrenia

April 26, 2015


Positive acclaim from the USA: | Kirkus #kirkus If you download parts of this interview or excerpt and share them on wordpress, Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere you will be doing me a BIG FAVOUR as well as spreading vision and optimism about the potency and possibility recovery…Personal solidarity and Imagination are the master keys 1st part […]

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