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#Corbyn actually said “StupidPeople” Spot On response to #HelenWhately’s malicious communication asking #SueJones to join the #SelfServative Party

December 20, 2018


via My furious response to Helen Whately’s malicious communication asking me to join the Tory party

#Disability #HateCrime of #TheresaMay

June 22, 2018


#Corbyn hammers #Tories on #Pensioners and #SocialCare #JeremyVineShow

May 18, 2017

0 via @MidWalesMike

March 8, 2016


#Galbraith Definition of #Conservatism has been made flesh by the #UKGovernment Inflicting Suffering on the less fortunate is fundamental Government Policy

O Labour, #Labour Where where has all the #Vision Gone??

May 21, 2015


” Labour needs to start believing again in its ability to deliver its own vision, throw away the focus group opportunism and sing its own song in the face of the dreadful media consensus on the economy.” Angela Eagle’s recent pitch for the Deputy Leadership took the demise of the Labour Party to a new […]

#Political Barbarity in the #UK prepping for #WelfareBenefitReform

February 20, 2013


Mary Lockhart We are at war. It is is being waged against those with least by those with most. So called Welfare Reform, and its assault on the lowest paid, on those who care for sick and disabled people, on those who have long term illness and debilitating conditions. The shattering of the NHS. The […]

Economists – surprise drop in government sanity fuels fears of triple-dip recession

February 16, 2013


Economists – surprise drop in government sanity fuels fears of triple-dip recession.

December 17, 2012


Shocking that this is being even considered. Shocking that few are noticing. I dont think people have quite grasped the all pervading and destructive effect of benefit cuts. This is an extremely well witten and detailed piece. This intelligent article deserves wide circulation. jm

Arguments that every Liberal Democrat would do well to hear

November 30, 2012


Originally posted on Think Left:
By Jim Grundy Look, you and I are not going to agree; probably not even on the time of day. You think you’re noble…. I think that you’re facilitating the nastiest, most regressive administration in post-war history. And most people agree with me by the way … Ah, but there…

Don’t dump UK just to dump Tories:Brian Wilson

October 17, 2012


                        Brian Wilson:  Don’t dump UK just to dump Tories                                                                         By BRIAN WILSON                                                                     Published on Wednesday 17 October 2012 00:00 The referendum vote must take a long-term view of what is best for Scotland, not push short-term change, writes Brian Wilson Maybe they should have decamped from the comfort zone of St […]

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