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Why We, Palestinians and Israelis, Insist on Mourning Our Dead Together

May 23, 2019


Alternative Memorial Day, a binational tradition since 2005, is a sign that we are capable of taking down the walls of fear. By Avigail Corry and Sulaiman Khatib Mourners and supporters at the Alternative Memorial Day ceremony in Israel on May 7, 2019. (Photo by Tatyana Gitlits)   Mourning is a personal matter. When it comes to mourning victims […]

#Poetry #TunisianIndependenceDay #Photography #SupportTunisia

July 3, 2015


INDEPENDENCE IN TUNISIA The people speak In demonstration Of protest and grief, Protest against Those who violently attempt To rip the centre From their nation With cowardly mass murder Of innocent visitors From abroad. ——– They had come from nations Throughout the world From Columbia and Australia Poland and Italy Coming to see The ancient […]

#Atrocity Now #Tunisia #Poem – Further Verses

June 30, 2015


#Poetry #Photography Remembering #TerrorismVictims

#ATROCITY NOW #Poem #Poetry #Photography Remembering #TerrorismVictims in #Tunisia

June 29, 2015


My heart drops And my mind Is filled with dread As the news filters in Of slaughter On a beach In Eastern Tunisia ——– The birds Alerted Those in nearby Hotels Circling Circling up Disturbed And squawking In disarray Above The palms ——– Kalashnikov Hidden beneath A beach unbrella Fifty seven people Trusting the safety […]

The Sky is Black Today #Poem written after the last atrocity in #Tunisia

June 27, 2015


Today I post the poem I wrote in Tunisia following the previous atrocity. This beautiful country blending the best of East and West requires massive support from throughout the world. We fail to do so at all our peril… Further posts will describe how we the tourists in hotels such as Marhaba are their gold. […]

#Tories Plan Ban on Anti-Tory #Extremists

October 1, 2014


“Photographer captures rare moment of honesty at Tory conference” Dave Evans

A view from #Sweden on #Nairobi #Atrocity

October 1, 2013


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