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Journey down #TheHarrowedPath of #AcuteDepression and #Shizophrenia to #Healing and #Recovery 

November 11, 2019


Originally posted on johndwmacdonald:
Five short U Tube videos set in in stunning Harrow Countryside of Steep by Petersfield Hampshire via @johndwm

IN THIS SPIRE #Poetry #Citizenship #PublicSculpture

April 1, 2017


  Paintings and Sculptures by Iain Mohr This poem was written with a borrowed pencil at the meeting at Fire Station Arts Dunfermline on 30 March 2017 celebrating the intentiaon to create a Citizen Spire in Fife. This will be a centre to celebrate citizenship in the form of an enormous sculpture potentially planned to be to […]

#CelticBlessing at the #SouthernCross – #Poetry

November 30, 2014


The person who wrote this Is close to my soul I identify With every twirl Every nuance Of every phrase In every word string We prevail I praise The Life lustre That surges In this verse Blessings on you And your road May we meet At the Southern Cross And the nectar of bees Bless […]

Dawn Beach #Poetry of Resolve #Photography

February 22, 2014


It’s Much Harder to Cry a Symphony – by K. McGee #Poetry #Music

July 17, 2013


Global & Social issues explored through poetry On this occasion the only comment suitable to honour our poet is from Shakespeare… “If Music is the food of love…Play on!”  jm

Wild Life by wrongwithlife #Poetry #Parenting #Philosophy

June 2, 2013


Wild Life wrongwithlife The immeasurable terrors of her mind…   Tags: Child, Children, Kids, Life, love, Mom, Mother., nature, Parenting, poem, Poems, Poetry, Relationships, Writing

#Poetry Voices in the #Night – Currents and Waves -stevehi

May 8, 2013

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Short #Horse #Quilt #Poem by Hello, Fig

May 4, 2013


Short Horse Quilt Poem

Vincent by lionaroundwriting #Poetry #Painting

May 4, 2013


I’m Van Gogh in his prime, Still got two ears, but i havent forgotten the time, when i first picked up a pencil, And designed my ideal life in my mind,like a cut out stencil, Misunderstood,unnappreciated,he’d be glad to see me make it,   Continued    

We Should #Dance by biljanazovkic – #Poetry #Painting

May 4, 2013


We should dance , with the instant breeze, of  the shivering moves in our fulfilled souls… We should dance for today, as it is an ordinary need for food, as it is an urge of our dried throat for water….   Posted on May 3, 2013 by biljanazovkic in deep from the heart • 34 […]

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