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#Corbyn actually said “StupidPeople” Spot On response to #HelenWhately’s malicious communication asking #SueJones to join the #SelfServative Party

December 20, 2018


via My furious response to Helen Whately’s malicious communication asking me to join the Tory party

#BenNevis #Scotland #Photos

June 17, 2015


#Photography #Filming the Filming

October 21, 2014


Photographed Yesterday in Oxford St, London by johndwmacdonald

#Muslim Communities call on PM / Media to Stop Endorsing #Unislamic “State”

September 18, 2014


| News AV via @breakingnewsavr

Ponder Awhile #Israel #Palestine #Middle East

August 7, 2014


Ponder awhile? John Dutton If only it were that black and white? Didn’t we and the Americans do far, far worse in WW2, when we indiscriminately carpet bombed German and Japanese cities, to destroy their war capability? MILLIONS died in scenes like the above. But in the end, the evil that was fascism was defeated. […]

#Poetry #Streets #Violence

July 18, 2014


#Statistics #Media: British public wrong about nearly everything, survey shows

January 23, 2014


Reflections on #1921PoplarCouncillors, #Power, Who actually governs us? …

January 10, 2014


Muhammad Haque is a journalist who has been a dedicated activist opposing corruption and dehumanisation and supporting #Social Justice for well over fifty years. I had the privilege of meeting him during the anti-racism campaigns of the mid and late seventies and, through his many shared insights developed a far more nuanced and penetrating analysis […]

Honour the #Polish: They won us #WorldWar2

January 8, 2014


I am increasingly outraged by the lack of recognition of the fact of what a hellish world we would in all probability live in if it was not for the courageous and extraordinarily skilful contribution of the Polish airmen to the Battle of Britain. In a battle of the skies which was numerically totally dominated […]

#South Sudan photo – #Photographer of the year: Goran Tomasevic

January 1, 2014

0 via @guardian

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