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Erskine Church Transformation #Dunfermline #Community #Christ

November 16, 2014


You CAN Change the World We are doing phenomenal things on and beyond the streets of Dunfermline Town (It claims to be a City whilst operating like a village – so the traditioanl name “Dunfermline Town” seems about right..) FIVE DAYS TO THE BALL. IF YoU CANT MAKE THE BALL COME FOR A DRINK and […]

When Fake #Christians Trash #Jesus

October 30, 2014


Yikes! via @CrazyAuntCyn

join me on my Journey through #Schizophrenia

October 21, 2014


To everyone who has paid me the compliment of a ‘follow’ or who I have posted over the last few years…. You will be doing me an enormous favour if you get hold of the e-book and Review me on Amazon!

#Appreciation! #Perception #Reflection

September 2, 2014


Beautifully perceptive and compassionate. Good way to pause in life. Excellent attitude to life. Practical way to use the spaces and gaps and transit points… moving forward from the past to the future with a fixed frame observation, reflection and perception! johndwmacdonald

Counting our #Blessings

July 28, 2014


#Hey Being Blessed is an attitude to what happens and what we do with it! But for some it is very difficult so even when we feel it we need to understand that and be passionate and compassionate for those who do not feel blessed! jdwmacdonald

#Doors #Photography #Freedom!

May 30, 2014


Valuing Imperfection: #Thoughts #Photographs #Flowers

January 21, 2014


#Contemplation: #Meaning of Masks and Love

December 31, 2013


@richlewis01 #ContemplateNow

#Jesus: Radical #NonViolent Revolutionary hung around with lepers, hookers and crooks….

December 22, 2013


The Lake of #Thanksgiving

November 25, 2013


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