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Journey down #TheHarrowedPath of #AcuteDepression and #Shizophrenia to #Healing and #Recovery 

June 26, 2015


Five short U Tube videos set in in stunning Harrow Counryside of Steep by Petersfield Hampshire via @johndwm

#MentalHealth: #Trauma: What Causes #PTSD?

June 18, 2015

5 The article covers the bases well and the fact that the PTSD criteria are fundamentally illogical in places. In fact the criteria are massively influenced by business interests and lawyers. Being perhaps the only mental illness that can be potentially “caused” by single events it is a lawyers’ paradise and a potential commercial disaster […]

NEW INTERVIEW on THE HARROWED PATH ‘Poets really knew what to do” Also see USA Acclaim #Schizophrenia #PoetTherapy

February 8, 2015


Positive acclaim from the USA: | Kirkus #kirkus If you read this interview and share it on wordpress, Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere you will be doing me a BIG FAVOUR as well as spreading vision and optimism about the potency and possibility recovery…Personal solidarity and Imagination are the master keys … thanks if you […]

join me on my Journey through #Schizophrenia

October 21, 2014


To everyone who has paid me the compliment of a ‘follow’ or who I have posted over the last few years…. You will be doing me an enormous favour if you get hold of the e-book and Review me on Amazon!

Living with #BiPolarDisorder …& a stunning #Photo

August 1, 2013


#Grief Only time and tears can – Lakshani Suranga

June 28, 2013


Only time and tears can

I’m Broken… but I Did Not break!

January 11, 2013


I’m Broken… but I Did Not break!.

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