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#TheLastJudgement Everyday #Camus #Philosophy

September 4, 2015

0 Every day we should face our end and our beginning. A day is a quiet universe – a world in an instant. Each day we need to face the edge, our edge and if we face it we will not be unprepared for great world events that overtake us and others. But ultimately we […]

#Fatherhood #NewYear

January 4, 2015


“You are just like him. You talk like him, act like him, have that smile that he had, and you even walk like him. He lives on right there in you. I know you will always make him proud. He sure loved you.” Happy New Year via @JessijSteele

Surfing Sites Discovery! #Blogging

August 24, 2014


First Impressions of a Blogger via @wordpressdotcom

#Story #Relationship #Mystery

August 4, 2014


Him via @wordpressdotcom My attention is riveted by this piece of poetic prose. A very talented writer and the length is good for the attention span of the internet. I like the mystery and the idea that this could be… (see my comment – currently awaiting moderation – on post) Johndwmacdonald

#Dunfermline High Street Rallies to save #ErskineChurch

July 11, 2014


#Raffle to Save Ralph Erskine’s Church for Dunfermiline Rosyth Inverkeithing Dalgety Bay, Aberdour, Lochgelly , Lumphinnans, Balingery, Cowdenbeath, Kelty, Salon , Kincardine, Culkross, Torryburn, High Valleyfield , Oakley, Limekilns, Charleston and all the wonderful communities in the West of Fife! We deserve more than a derelict building between the Post Office and the Shopping Centre. […]

#FundraisingBall – RENOVATE RALPH’S CHURCH for people of #Dunfermline and #WestFife

July 8, 2014


Mary Lockhart shared a link. 13 hours ago “As a child, I loved this beautiful church. It was not overly ornate, yet did have pictures in its stained glass windows, when my own church did not. It was a fine shape…not just an angular box, but with curves to please the eye. As a brownie […]

Popular #Sayings Wrongly Ascribed to #TheBible

July 1, 2014


By the Way – #God Is …

June 27, 2014


Beyond divisions, rituals and distorting power Beyond judgmental acts and attitudes in the name of Jesus or Mohammed Beyond the legalised murder of people who chose their religion Beyond religious people who condemn the atheists Beyond Atheists who condemn believers in God Beyond post-anything assumptions that there is no Truth I will always intimately understand […]

#MayaAnglou Nemesis of the Ignoranmus #UKIP Worldview

May 30, 2014


Poet, activist, memoirist, actress, and professor — Maya Angelou, one of the great American voices of the past century, has died at age 86. Angelou became a household name in 1993, when she delivered an inaugural poem, “On the Pulse of Morning,” at Bill Clinton’s swearing-in, the first writer to serve in such capacity since […]

#Poem of #Affirmation

May 16, 2014


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