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‪#‎RefugeeCrisis‬ ‪#‎WorldLeaders‬ ‪#‎Sorted‬!

September 4, 2015


Réveillez-vous Une idée simple qui résoudrait bien des problèmes grin emoticon See translation

#Disability #Tories MikeGresty‎’s #Survival Plea: “Back #JeremyCorbyn”

August 15, 2015


 (Find on Facebook) Mike Gresty‎ I’m backing Jeremy Corbyn 8 mins · Hi all thanks for accepting my join request, I’m Mike and this is my story:- This is Cameron’s legacy, this is me today, can you see the pain i suffer the horrendous burning pains I’ve lived with for 15 years now, the cramps and […]

Consequences Summarised: #GlobalCapitalism #Austerity #Geopolitics #Immigration #Racism #Fascism

July 4, 2015


Mary Lockhart All over Europe, “Austerity” brings cuts. Cuts bring poverty. Poverty brings insecurity. Insecurity brings fear. Fear brings anger. Anger brings hatred…. Against this backdrop, more than 6 million people have fled or are fleeing countries in Africa and the near and Middle East whose boundaries and governance have been determined by Euro-americans, whose […]

#Poetry #TunisianIndependenceDay #Photography #SupportTunisia

July 3, 2015


INDEPENDENCE IN TUNISIA The people speak In demonstration Of protest and grief, Protest against Those who violently attempt To rip the centre From their nation With cowardly mass murder Of innocent visitors From abroad. ——– They had come from nations Throughout the world From Columbia and Australia Poland and Italy Coming to see The ancient […]

#ATROCITY NOW #Poem #Poetry #Photography Remembering #TerrorismVictims in #Tunisia

June 29, 2015


My heart drops And my mind Is filled with dread As the news filters in Of slaughter On a beach In Eastern Tunisia ——– The birds Alerted Those in nearby Hotels Circling Circling up Disturbed And squawking In disarray Above The palms ——– Kalashnikov Hidden beneath A beach unbrella Fifty seven people Trusting the safety […]


June 27, 2015


Tunisia is under attack . The terrorists know that its success as a democratic state is pivotal and its role initiating and uniquely benefitting from the Arab Spring makes its failure vital to their world domination project. They also know its economic vulnerability and over dependency on tourism for economic and therefore democratic survival. —– […]

The Sky is Black Today #Poem written after the last atrocity in #Tunisia

June 27, 2015


Today I post the poem I wrote in Tunisia following the previous atrocity. This beautiful country blending the best of East and West requires massive support from throughout the world. We fail to do so at all our peril… Further posts will describe how we the tourists in hotels such as Marhaba are their gold. […]

Journey down #TheHarrowedPath of #AcuteDepression and #Shizophrenia to #Healing and #Recovery 

June 26, 2015


Five short U Tube videos set in in stunning Harrow Countryside of Steep by Petersfield Hampshire via @johndwm

#Yesterday… Lament of an #unemployed Steel Worker

May 27, 2015


Bob Young Yesterday I was one of the thousands of victims of Thatcherism when the pits and the steelworks closed or a casualty of globalisation when my factory closed to be relocated in Malaysia. I might have been called another statistic of one or other of the recessions that occur whenever the Tories are in […]

Superb #Moorcock #BookReview – #Elric

March 2, 2015


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