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#Eugenics #Austerity:Beware #Fascism

February 28, 2016


Adam Perkins, Conservative narratives and neuro-neoliberalism via @RevolutionBreeze

#ChildPoverty #UKGovernment #Unicef

October 19, 2015


#SocialCommmentary: “#Austerity” Deliberate Global #PopulationReduction #Eugenics

September 23, 2015


As the number of deaths resulting from the UK Benefits cull soars and the number of people trying to access foodbanks soars and free school meals for poor children comes into the Tories’ sights – comments on this title are invited on this title. .. it is my assessment and observation that a holocaust […]

‪This interview sums up why I’m Voting for ‪#‎JeremyCorbyn‬ ‪#‎EconomicPolicy‬ ‪#‎ForeignPolicy‬ ‪#‎SocialJustice

September 1, 2015



Better #Politics – Different Politics – #Corbyn Politics

August 20, 2015


Makes sense to me! johndwmacdonald Better Politics – Different Politics – Corbyn Politics QUOTE Posted on August 13, 2015 by Pam Field @earwiggle Modern politics are stale politics, and have become meaningless to so many. The number of people engaging in voting has been in decline since 1945. Working class voters  are detached from the […]


August 16, 2015


This is the best argued case countering the arguments of the Labour establishment which seek to nullify the tremendous and extraordinary movement which has developed in the Labour Party and surrounds over the last several weeks. An academic and Labour Councillor in Dundee, the author has good reasion to reflect and does so with extremely […]

#Disability #BenefitsCull Open letter to Harriet Harman #LabourPartyDemocracy #Corbyn

August 15, 2015

0 Open letter to Harriet Harman Jo Hoyle Dear Harriet Harman, Who am I to be writing to an important woman such as yourself? I am just a name amongst a sea of insignificant people, who dare to call themselves supporters of the Labour Party. I am what the Tory party class as a “young […]

#Disability #Tories MikeGresty‎’s #Survival Plea: “Back #JeremyCorbyn”

August 15, 2015


 (Find on Facebook) Mike Gresty‎ I’m backing Jeremy Corbyn 8 mins · Hi all thanks for accepting my join request, I’m Mike and this is my story:- This is Cameron’s legacy, this is me today, can you see the pain i suffer the horrendous burning pains I’ve lived with for 15 years now, the cramps and […]

#Benefits staff go on strike but NOT against ‘oppressive’ #Tory reforms!!!!!! #Social Commentary

July 17, 2015

0 The Daily Mirror Headline is a lie!  === This is important strike but their strike is against their conditions not the’reforms’ . Until the workers OPENLY solidarise with their victimised clients there will be NO progress!  === When, O when will a British Trade Union have the vision to join with the victims of their services? 

Consequences Summarised: #GlobalCapitalism #Austerity #Geopolitics #Immigration #Racism #Fascism

July 4, 2015


Mary Lockhart All over Europe, “Austerity” brings cuts. Cuts bring poverty. Poverty brings insecurity. Insecurity brings fear. Fear brings anger. Anger brings hatred…. Against this backdrop, more than 6 million people have fled or are fleeing countries in Africa and the near and Middle East whose boundaries and governance have been determined by Euro-americans, whose […]

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