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#ATOS #DisabilityDiscrimination UK #WelfareBenefitsReform #BigSociety(Sic)

August 24, 2014

2 Actually what they do is much worse they cause the deaths!” People have objected to me using the word holocaust for the policy but you dont have to be pushing gas into a chamber to be causing multiple deaths following awful preparations! Clegg, Cameron, Idiot Duncan Smith Ester McDeath and the lot of them […]

Letter to Jon Cruddas #MP – Cry for Survival a #Disabled Person

August 23, 2014


Karen Robins “20 August at 13:41 · London my sister whom nearly died january, but was save by the royal free hospital but left with a critical life threatening condition, is still waiting for decision from ATOS, as to which group she will be placed in to. i called them today to be told by […]

Single killer question from #ATOS drove a woman to #suicide

November 28, 2013


The single killer question from ATOS that drove a woman to suicide.

TRUTH about coalition’s treatment of sick/#disabled Dennis Skinner #pmqs #ATOS

October 17, 2013


Posted from Twitter thanks to  – MENTALLY ME‏@stuckinscared #pmqs  #WOWpetition


October 14, 2013


Photograph –  John DW Macdonald w hawkins says: February 24, 2013 at 10:12 pm “The fact that targets preceded even the first assessment, and that actual savings were already the criterion for meeting targets and a subsequent completion of contract by ATOS in order for the to be paid by the DWP.   Any assessment […]

#ATOS workers – The Inside story – #Corruption in the #UK #BenefitsCull

August 25, 2013


from the JC+ worker, ” In my work I see people face to face for interviews because Atos has said they’re fit for work and that  is even harder than having to ring them with the decision. I have used the  departments counselling service and have had the maximum number of sessions allowed but it’s […]

#UKGovernment #HateCrime More examples of ridiculous #ATOS cruelty to Disabled – Private Eye

August 2, 2013

0   Deaf to reason Disability assessments,   Issue 1345 A 39-YEAR-OLD father who has severe hearing problems finally had all his benefits restored this month after a flawed medical assessment by old Eye favourites Atos in 2011 had found him fit for work.Among other things, the Atos nurse recorded that Mark Stevens (not his […]

#Disability #BenefitCull #ATOS slaughter #Genocide in the #UK

July 31, 2013


Hope you have time to examine my latest post on the effects of the Disability Benefits cull  – so horrific I am seeking recognition of the actual nature of this barbarity. It can be understood if you look at the ‘cases’ but the numbers of deaths by ATOS is extraordinary and its’ like it is […]

Department of Work and Pensions sentence #MentallyIll #Disabled Man to Death #UK 2013

June 8, 2013


Black Triangle Anti-Defamation Campaign in Defence of Disability Rights Please share this tragic story of desperation from another group member of Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants – trying to be heard in a ‘modern Britain’ of ignorance & censorship within the wider media. “I suffer from crippling depression And anxiety. I also have problems […]

Fraudster #ATOS fined for fake detectors in fitness for work tests #Satire by the great Tom Pride! #Disability

April 26, 2013


Fraudster ATOS fined for supplying fake crip detectors for use in fitness for work tests.

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