June 27, 2015


Tunisia is under attack . The terrorists know that its success as a democratic state is pivotal and its role initiating and uniquely benefitting from the Arab Spring makes its failure vital to their world domination project. They also know its economic vulnerability and over dependency on tourism for economic and therefore democratic survival. —– […]

Journey down #TheHarrowedPath of #AcuteDepression and #Shizophrenia to #Healing and #Recovery 

June 26, 2015


Five short U Tube videos set in in stunning Harrow Countryside of Steep by Petersfield Hampshire http://wp.me/p2120g-2r5 via @johndwm

#ChildhoodTrauma #ComplexTrauma and #BrainDamage

June 21, 2015


 Featured Image Judith Herman’s seminal work on diagnosis and treatment needs arising from Childhood trauma (See previous post)  http://johndwmacdonald.com/2013/07/31/trauma-and-recovery-the-formulation-of-c-ptsd-judith-herman/ ———————————————————————————————————————————————————– #MentalHealth: #Trauma: What Causes #PTSD? http://wp.me/p2120g-2sL via @johndwm                                                             […]

O Labour, #Labour Where where has all the #Vision Gone??

May 21, 2015


” Labour needs to start believing again in its ability to deliver its own vision, throw away the focus group opportunism and sing its own song in the face of the dreadful media consensus on the economy.” Angela Eagle’s recent pitch for the Deputy Leadership took the demise of the Labour Party to a new […]

NEW INTERVIEW on THE HARROWED PATH ‘Poets really knew what to do” Also see USA Acclaim #Schizophrenia #PoetTherapy

February 8, 2015


Positive acclaim from the USA: | Kirkus https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/john-dw-macdonald/the-harrowed-path/ #kirkus If you read this interview and share it on wordpress, Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere you will be doing me a BIG FAVOUR as well as spreading vision and optimism about the potency and possibility recovery…Personal solidarity and Imagination are the master keys … thanks if you […]

A quiet Place within – #Poetry Dialogue

July 27, 2014


– 15 May Julie Anne @JulieforBoston The feeling is not authentic words come out wrong I stumble, stall my soul needs a quiet place to rest John D W Macdonald @johndwm continued the poem You speak of a place I know within my soul A place sequestered Hurt, brindled badly I listen and know proof […]

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