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November 29, 2015


Click to access AT-CoR-Report-Road-to-Recovery-November-2015.pdf Click to access AT-CoR-Report-Road-to-Recovery-November-2015.pdf Click to access AT-CoR-Report-Road-to-Recovery-November-2015.pdf This report is the fruit of more than three and a half years talking and working with people who had been trapped in addiction, begging and homelessness in Dunfermline and surrounding towns and villages. It fundamentally questions the Scottish Government Strategy and calls […]

#Sayings #MentalIllness #MentalHealth

October 13, 2015


#Failure #Success – What’s the difference?

October 13, 2015


#Health and #Happiness

October 12, 2015


#TheLastJudgement Everyday #Camus #Philosophy

September 4, 2015

0 Every day we should face our end and our beginning. A day is a quiet universe – a world in an instant. Each day we need to face the edge, our edge and if we face it we will not be unprepared for great world events that overtake us and others. But ultimately we […]

#PrivateInvestigation meets #Anorexia #Insight and #SelfAwareness

August 30, 2015


#Trauma #MentalHealth 20 Signs of #UnresolvedTrauma

July 20, 2015

0 via @DiscussingDID This raises many important issues. I would only add that there are many who would find formal therapy a difficult step and a step outside their cultures and also almost completely unavailable on a funded basis. It therefore becomes even more important that there is some basic understanding of these issues among […]

#Poetry This #Poem explores what leads to #Wars Big and small

July 9, 2015


On #Fear and #Anxiety #Photo

July 7, 2015


#POEM FOR MY #GP #Misunderstanding

July 7, 2015


Dianne Aslett WORDS ON BEING SPLIT (& SO MISUNDERSTOOD) Slightly to the right— I noticed the shift— the slightly ‘Cooler’ connection as if Somehow I’d been rendered Someone ‘on the other side’. A ‘person’, somehow, Dead. Like being Branded like a cow, or 999 upon my head. ——– Colleagues, even those few miles Adrift, still […]

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