“Road to Recovery” Drug Strategy Fiasco

Posted on August 17, 2017


Recent news highlights spiralling drug deaths rightly citing the failure of the Scottish Government’s Drug and Alcohol Strategy (2008). But its not just the deaths, its the ruined lives. The strategy is not based on any clear understanding of the lives of those afflicted and the reasons rooted not just in poverty and crime but widespread rapacious early life trauma. Until the NHS and local authorities understand you can’t punish highly vulnerable chaotic people into recovery for their failures to cope… the deaths, ruined lives , street violence and criminality will increase.

My real lives research over three and a half years tallies with other recent findings and sets out the picture as I discovered it trying to assist a number of people in the Dunfermline area move on from begging and start to turn their lives around. I discovered how callous our local state can be and how this group are the bottom of the pile never prioritised for any joined up services despite some very genine professionals struggling in an inflexible system… and the disinterest of the political party agendas.

The AT CoR report “Road to Recovery?” outlines how the approach must be transformed and the changes required for an effective strategy in Scotland: