#HomelessCharity blocks money donated by the public to homeless hero

Posted on May 2, 2016


Remember the story a couple of months ago about a homeless man – Mark Collins – who helped a desperate young woman when she was stranded in Euston over­night after missing the last trai…

Source: Homeless charity blocks money donated by the public to homeless hero

“Homeless People desparately need money and also help as to how to make good use of it to turn their lives around. Without financial support way beyond the povery and oppression of DWP  – it’s quite impossible to do so. Giving someone a whole lot of money suddenly, however ,is likely to be a bad idea. But working with them to gradually make use of it is a very good idea – addictions and all. You will only control them when you have the money to be stable. Self righteous condemnation is most unhelpful…” johndwmacdonald