#Disability #Tories MikeGresty‎’s #Survival Plea: “Back #JeremyCorbyn”

Posted on August 15, 2015


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Hi all thanks for accepting my join request, I’m Mike and this is my story:-
This is Cameron’s legacy, this is me today, can you see the pain i suffer the horrendous burning pains I’ve lived with for 15 years now, the cramps and stabbing pains that drop me to the floor without mercy ??. I’m invisible to David Cameron and this chair being my only way to leave home will be taken away by Cameron and his cronies, that will cause chain reactions that will inevitably end my life, but that don’t matter I’m invisible to Cameron and as my pain exists deep within my eyes the Tories refuse to see a thing, that’s just one of four invisible ailments I suffer, but again I matter not.

My only hope remains within one man one JEREMY CORBYN, and I have trusted my life to this man, the outcome depends on you voters, and this truth remains, countless people like me are being left to die each and every day, don’t we suffer enough, dont we deserve to live, my chair costs the average tax payer 0,00013846 of single penny, would you see me suffer and die for this as the Tories will or will you support our only hope to remain human Jeremy Corbyn. ???

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