Consequences Summarised: #GlobalCapitalism #Austerity #Geopolitics #Immigration #Racism #Fascism

Posted on July 4, 2015


All over Europe, “Austerity” brings cuts. Cuts bring poverty. Poverty brings insecurity. Insecurity brings fear. Fear brings anger. Anger brings hatred….

Against this backdrop, more than 6 million people have fled or are fleeing countries in Africa and the near and Middle East whose boundaries and governance have been determined by Euro-americans, whose governments have been installed or overthrown by Euro-americans, and upon whose oil and mineral resources Euro-americans depend for our way of life.

The refugees are a consequence of the same corrupt and savage transnational capitalism whose failure brought about the regime of “Austerity”. But they are blamed for the effects of “Austerity” by those whom it has already further empoverished, and are targets of a hatred which should instead be directed at the politicians, institutions, and elite who imposed it.

The focus is currently on Greece, her debt to the bankers and the IMF, her “far-left socialist government”, and the consequences (for the banks, and the Euro as a leading currency) of her possible exit from the EU. But the greatest threat to the EU is not the possible exit of Greece and other Southern European countries.

The greatest threat to the EU is “Austerity”. Through the cracks of the cuts, poverty, insecurity, fear, and anger of “Austerity” creeps first racism, and then the toxic evil gas of fascism. The cracks are widening. Make no mistake. “Austerity” is the conduit to Facism. The battle the Left is fighting right now is not for Greece, or against Austerity per se. It is the battle against hydra-headed Fascism.