#ATROCITY NOW #Poem #Poetry #Photography Remembering #TerrorismVictims in #Tunisia

Posted on June 29, 2015


My heart drops

And my mind

Is filled with dread

As the news filters in

Of slaughter

On a beach

In Eastern Tunisia


The birds


Those in nearby



Circling up


And squawking

In disarray


The palms



Hidden beneath

A beach unbrella

Fifty seven people

Trusting the safety

Of a land

Now cropped

By the stuccato bullets

Felling the innocent lives

In a trice


Bodies of bathers

Couldn’t be more

Unprotected left

Strewn amid


Patches of sand


Would anyone

Have listened

Had I pointed out

My observations

In March

That security gates

Are no protection

When the beaches

Are open

To the world?

Would they

Have fenced the beaches

Or placed a guard

On every



And what now

For those

Whose losses

Will never

Be replaced?

The face of the sweet

Young woman

In the paper

And the awful story

Of the family

Of four

Cut down

And leaving

A teenager alone

The wounded woman

Whose husband

Is no longer


It is


To summarise

Or honour

The immensity

So many lives


And destroyed


And I know

A swap of a date

Or local hotel

Might have left me


In morgue or hospital

Or mourning

The loss

Of my dearest…



We heard

That eighteen

Waiting staff

Defied the coward

With a human shield

“We are Muslims

You will have to kill us

Before you kill

Our guests”


And what

Of this oil free


How can your

People live

Without the ore

Of tourism

What will happen

To the waiter’s


When her son

Can no longer

Send her money

To her village

In the Atlas Mountains?


Last night

The local people

Marched in sorowful vigil

And solidarity

With those

Who lost their dear


“Not in our name”


Those who remain

In their resorts

Also acclaiming

Their accord

With the land

They visit

And so love

The woman

From Sunderland

And the couple

From the Midlands

Making common cause

The retired German couple


On the little

Yellow train

Their faces stoical

And trenchant


The birds

Are settled now

But little else

Is certain, sure

Or secure…

IMG_20150405_181334 Lone fisher on beach