Posted on June 27, 2015


Tunisia is under attack . The terrorists know that its success as a democratic state is pivotal and its role initiating and uniquely benefitting from the Arab Spring makes its failure vital to their world domination project. They also know its economic vulnerability and over dependency on tourism for economic and therefore democratic survival.


Following the revolution the vast majority of suspected terrorists were released and these individuals, many of whom are with so called ISIS in Syria, constitute a major threat to the country’s stability. However as always with terrorists they do not represent the population at large.


Tunisia moved slowly and with considerable difficulty to a potentially stable democratic system over the last three years. The system is secular but the largest party is Muslim and rules in coalition with other parties. Such balance is unique as is this extraordinary but small and vulnerable country.


Following the March atrocity we experienced the return of normality very rapidly and this is expressed in the poem below written in Marhaba Palace Hotel at Port El kantaoui not far from Sousse.

In the heat

Of a sun reappearing

Life is recreated


In the aftermath of destruction

The men still ask

If we are okay

And still insist we buy

The things we do not need or want


The sparrows still dance

Across the stones

By the blue pool

And the sleek young

Blackbirds continue

To chirrup

Above the stuccoed palms.


The noises of the games

Still play out

With the voices

Tunisian and British

The children of Tunis

Still shout out

Still excited


Their holiday from school.


The groups

Of youth

Still walk in coulumns

Around the marina

Young girls still laugh

With their friends

Next to them

And the toy camels

Still stand

Waiting for

A purchser from a far off land.


Our outings

Are rearranged again

I will still go to the desert

And we will again

Hear the story

Of this country

Blazened in a multi-media feast

Across the recreated



And what

Have the gunmen done

Apart from

The destruction

Of so many lives

Of the innocent?


Have they simply

Increased our desire

To enjoy

The beautiful and educated

Land of Tunisia

And applaud

The bravery

And intelligence

Of its people?


And who

Can stop the song of the blackbird

Or tell the sparrows not to dance?

And who can prevent

The insistent young men

From attempting to sell their wares?


And who can stop

The museums

From opening their doors again

Further protected

From the brutality

Of those incapable

of using their own minds

To understand

The difference

Between right

And wrong?



Will continue

To sing

Its unique song,


The direction

Of its Northern

And Eastern shorelines


The styles of

All points

Of the compass

For Africa was born here

And from here

The world turns onwards

And its future is bright.

IMG_20150405_181038 (1)

John DW Macdonald 19 MARCH 2015

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