#ChildhoodTrauma #ComplexTrauma and #BrainDamage

Posted on June 21, 2015


 Featured Image Judith Herman’s seminal work on diagnosis and treatment needs arising from Childhood trauma (See previous post) 
#MentalHealth: #Trauma: What Causes #PTSD? http://wp.me/p2120g-2sL via @johndwm
The information below on Childhhod trauma and the human brian refers to previous post on an article about PTSD and my highlighting the difficulties around the lack of proper diagnostic psychological and also psysiological recognition of the complex effectsd of childhood trauma
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There is a great article in this month’s scientific American Mind

Much of the brain is primed as a child while it is still developing. Children who experience abuse to any degree on a regular basis (physical, emotional, extreme fear) may have changes in the brain from that exposure.
The article states that people can be identified before they go into battle/war so they are not allowed to go. It also goes into the different therapies that have some measure of success.
The Scientific American MIND does not allow new material to be published. If you can get a copy at the bookstore then it is well worth the read If you cannot find a copy there near you, maybe you could order one from the publisher or from Amazon.com: This is the issue.