#MentalHealth: #Trauma: What Causes #PTSD?

Posted on June 18, 2015



The article covers the bases well and the fact that the PTSD criteria are fundamentally illogical in places. In fact the criteria are massively influenced by business interests and lawyers. Being perhaps the only mental illness that can be potentially “caused” by single events it is a lawyers’ paradise and a potential commercial disaster zone. This has led to the leading psychiatric minds who determine diagnoses through DSM and ICD to think “Holy S~~~ we dont want the business world blaming us for giving the lawyers rich pickings. Lets top and tail it and make it the only diagnosis in mental illness that needs six out of six criteria.”


The article rightly mentions complex trauma being seen as ‘lesser’ but clearly has no space to look further into this. Actually complex trauma is logically far far worse. If your dad or mum kicked the s~~~ out of you or invaded you sexually or emaciated you mentally again and again and again or if some other family member or ‘friend’ did this – before you could even understand anything – logically that would be far more complex and far reaching than a single event later in life. However the deeply ignorant indviduals (ignorant of real life) who have determined these diagnoses have not worked this out. Presumably their academic credentials and psychiatric training has uniquely qualified them to make illogical and deeply inhumane assumptions. They decided that people who have traumatic reactions to repetitive childhood abuse have “disordered personalities” They also decided to treat them worse than the specimins under their microscopes and place them right at the bottom of the psychiatric heap. Hence they are sent away from the A and E and told they have to stop “attention seeking” , given 24 hours max in psychiatric hospital and generally treated as people who deserve to be professionally bullied.


I pray to God that people so diagnosed can learn to fight this and come out on top. It is a massive human rights issue as it is for all the undiagnosed sufferers of trauma – particularly the multitude of “addicts” who occupy the joint slot with “illegal immigrants” as the most spat on people in our apology for a “society”.