#Labour will win on #Vision and #Values

Posted on June 9, 2015


Just because ‪#‎Labour‬ lost doesn’t mean they got anything in particular wrong. There is a ridiculous myth that the #electorate is always right. Brutal fact is the electorate is subject to mass propaganda of the trillionaire owned media. So Harriet is preparing UK Labour for another spell of Blairism. The dichotomy is false. We are endlessly looking for graphs about the middle class bits that will give us the majority. Everyone thinks the way to win an election is to submit to the focus feelings of particular bits of the electorate. What happened to a vision that could unify and win everyone? Wake up Labour before you completely throw away your reason for existing. The reason Labour exists is exemplified by the hundred and thirty honest and dedicated Fife members who met last Saturday to determine what to do. They know very well why Labour not only exists but needs to exist, Its because its the party that can fight for a fair and just society… just need to convince the electorate of that!!