#SocialInjustice Cameron’s workers v shirkers scam has at last exposed the Tory law of benefit cuts |

Posted on May 28, 2015


Aditya Chakrabortty


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This article exposes the central hypocrisy of the UK Tory government and trillionaire owned gutter hate papers which got them reelected by a minority of the population. It demonstrates the increased danger post election to thousands of vulnerable people. It also demonstrates how transparently false is the media attack on ‘benefits scroungers’.

Those who stand aside from these issues as ‘political’ would be wise to remember what was said at the time about Adolf Hitler’s fascists. “When they came for the Jews I ignored it because I was not a Jew, when they came for the communists I ignored it because I was not a communist……Until they came for me and there was nobody remaining to defend me”