#TheHarrowedPath The New Intervew: Learn about #Healing and #Recovery from my Journey through #Schizophrenia

Posted on April 26, 2015


Positive acclaim from the USA: | Kirkus https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/john-dw-macdonald/the-harrowed-path/ #kirkus

If you download parts of this interview or excerpt and share them on wordpress, Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere you will be doing me a BIG FAVOUR as well as spreading vision and optimism about the potency and possibility recovery…Personal solidarity and Imagination are the master keys

1st part – http://youtu.be/hplWXTgJl_E

2nd part – http://youtu.be/RT3J14xJSxk

3rd part – http://youtu.be/IVZviiSG6kc

4th part – http://youtu.be/FEuNy3Y-Y00 

5th part – http://youtu.be/V5veoIwPjsM

Excerpt – http://youtu.be/2NMRhtUyaKk 


… thanks if you can do this John