NEW INTERVIEW on THE HARROWED PATH ‘Poets really knew what to do” Also see USA Acclaim #Schizophrenia #PoetTherapy

Posted on February 8, 2015


Positive acclaim from the USA: | Kirkus #kirkus

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A NEW INTERVIEW IN THE MAKING! – We shot this documentary in the Harrow Lane near Petersfield Hampshire the folowing weekend …

#TheHarrowedPath The New Interview: Learn about #Healing and #Recovery from my Journey through #Schiz… via @johndwm

What is your book about?

My experience of and recovery from Schizophrenia and terrible depression and all the things that can be learned from how I was healed and was helped by friends, family and poets.

What are your target audience?

People suffering from Schizophrenia and depression, their families, carers, medical and non-medical mental health professionals

What was your inspiration for writing this book?

Knowing my story can be an inspiration to others and its lessons can transform the way people with schizophrenia and deep depression are regarded and assisted

Tell us about your characters?

My fellow poets from the Troubadour in Earls Court – who walked beside me and held my hand with understanding. David was beside me as I was swallowed up by totally debilitating depression and psychosis – his inspired understanding provided talismans of wisdom for my terrible journey ahead. Mick, the poet on the bridge, enabled my first step from the depths. Everyone in extreme distress needs their poet on the bridge, inspiring friend, person of imagination and insight who will stand and walk beside them until they are strong enough to walk on their own.

What makes your book unique?

A parallel story from the mythic unconscious expressed through snapshots from the poetry I wrote during this experience without realizing it was even poetry. Recently my poetry has been compared by US critics to poets as disparate Gerald Manley Hopkins and the founder of Pink Floyd

Who do you think will enjoy your book and why?

People who like a really good fast exciting story of human fortitude and triumph
People who want new solutions for recovery from mental illness
People interested in poetry as therapy and poets as therapists
People intersted in the potential of HEALING
All people with compassion for the socially excluded

The implications of the story and analysis go far beyond mental illness to universal issues of human exclusion, solidarity, survival, recovery and healing

What is the message of your story?

Anyone can recover from Schizophrenia and equivalent extremes if they are helped not only by psychiatry friends and family but by at least one person with imagination and compassion who stands beside them and walks with them over the bridge to recovery.

What will readers take away from your book?

Inspiration and insight about the possibility of recovery from mental illnesses and the unique role that can be played by creative compassionate people who willingly provide their time and commitment to walk beside the sufferer for as long as it takes..

Can you also choose a short extract of your book and read to the viewer?

Yes. The piece describing the exchange with the poet on the bridge.




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