Honour the #Polish: They won us #WorldWar2

Posted on January 8, 2014


I am increasingly outraged by the lack of recognition of the fact of what a hellish world we would in all probability live in if it was not for the courageous and extraordinarily skilful contribution of the Polish airmen to the Battle of Britain. In a battle of the skies which was numerically totally dominated by Nazi Germany the Polish Airmen provided an additional force which was so unique in its tactical daredevil contribution that it completely confused the enemy and caused three times as many aircraft to be shot down per each of our aircraft than by British pilots ( two of whom shot down were my mothers first cousins from whom my name John was derived)

The tactics of the Polish airmen were by coincidence (or probably parallel intelligence) quite similar to the daring and unusual tactics Nelson employed at Trafalgar. Instead of firing from adjacent to the enemy they went right into the enemy force. The scale of the results were not at first believed by a senior British officer who followed the battle to check this out and returned awestruck to confirm the 300%.

The Battle of Britain was so closely matched that it is almost certain Britain would have lost had the Polish airmen not been part of our force. ( Including in their ranks the Chech pilot who first disobeyed orders to break ranks from the training exercise and shoot down an enemy plane thus forcing the British air commend to finally let the Polish 303 squadron join the main battle.)

So next time you hear Britain’s ridiculous self inflated and self-serving Prime Minister criticise the hard working and professional Polish workers in our country or hear ignorant people criticise them for taking ‘our’ so called jobs… think long and hard about what would have happened to Britain without their forbears when Hitler’s inevitable invasion then occurred as a result of us losing the battle of Britain…