#Photography #Nature #Understanding

Posted on November 2, 2013


Look deep into nature, and then

you will understand everything better.

Comment from Jackie Saulmon Ramirez:

“I love the rustic boat simply made. I fished in a pond once, much like this one. The boat was lent to people in the area, mostly children. You had to provide your own pole and bait but you could keep any fish you caught. The couple, John and Addy Galloway, who owned the pond were lovely people and Addy was the sister of my grandfather. John and Addy spoke in s l o w h a l t i n g words – so slow that even I, a small child, was eager to finish their thoughts. Addy, when she was a wee girl of about three or four, misplaced a wooden doll she had gotten as a gift. I found that doll about sixty-odd years later under the log house where Addy and my grandfather lived. I gave that doll, aptly named Addy, to my last daughter just this last August. This is where the boat in your photograph has taken me this Saturday afternoon. (I was born while my parents lived in the ‘old house’ and have only a few photos and a drawing of it but many stories and memories.) Thank you for this.”