#Disability : Open Letter #Poetry to #EdMilliband by #Disabled Activist – #WelfarebenefitsReform #Labour

Posted on October 18, 2013


Many of my site’s followers who like the poetry and photography ignore the politics and those who like the spiritual also ignore the politics . I am grateful for all your interests in the poetic photographic and spiritual. However this post blends my other interest. I feel! As a poet with politics and a man with a deep spiritual conviction I do not understand how we can look ourselves in the mirror without addressing the situation of the myriads of people afflicted by the political self-interest and ideology of those who support the powerful afflicting the fragile. Please read this letter and this poem! jdwm


This is something I was compelled to write after one of our “grassroots” Disabled Activists who is administrator to DPAC (Disabled people against cuts),  had been victimised and harassed to the point of despair. She spends each and every day standing up and speaking out for every sick, disabled, poor and vulnerable person in this shattered and broken country, who also lost 17 close friends and family since January 2013 due to ATOS & WCA (Work Capability Assessment) process. She is an inspiration to us all in every way imaginable, as she looks out for everyone else other from herself with passion for what she believes in even though she suffers greatly with her own disabilities she carries on regardless.  So I have written this for her and for all our brothers and sisters in austerity and solidarity.


Written By Rainbow Warrior Lizzie. Copyrighted (c) 13/10/2013.

Together We Stand

a time to revolt, for

We will not back down,

For we are a force to

be reckoned with.

A people, your people

a shattered, broken

country. Lives loved

lost, and suffering,

forced in to suicide,

lost of Worth. who

can’t go on any longer.

Together We Stand

hand in hand, heart

to heart, a nation of

broken families and


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