Hypocritical Officers of the #Church – #Poetry #Religion

Posted on July 19, 2013


Snarling from your pews

Inwardly certain

Of your rectitude

You dare cast judgement

On the dispossessed

On Trisha who has lost the will to live

On Tara who cries for your money

On Mick who slashes his chest

You do the finery

And duties of the institution you call Church

You think this is for Jesus

You have little evidence

In fact the scales weigh against you

For He was never interested

In your type

In fact your type were the only ones

He condemned

So why you think your church warden duties

Will get you into heaven is

An extraordinary mystery

For Trisha died tonight

Of an overdose

Mick slashed too hard and his heart gave way

 And Tara tried it with the wrong dealer

But you know Jesus delighted in them

And when your barn of service bursts open

And your own heart gives out

He will not delight in refusing you

A kingdom you never even tried to serve

As you snarled

From your pews