Simple #Song of the a Sanctioned Man – Stuart Fisher

Posted on May 3, 2013


Sanctioning is a brutal regime being implemented by the Department of Work and Pesions under the barbaric Tory Led coalition in the UK. It means removal of social security job seekers payments for six or fifteen weeks or the third time much much longer. This is imposed if someone misses an appointment or fails to fill in absolutely accurately six reports of job applications per week. The jobs applied for have no relevance to the people’s abilities. There is no help for people to identify the job they might be good at and work to gain the experience and courses to attain it – no coaching, no support,  no encouragement. Sanctioning leaves people without food, energy, transport and very soon they can lose their homes – those with children live in terror if they ask for assistance from councils their children will be removed by social services. The Social Fund for emergency loans has been terminated. Councils are expected, with no adequate resources, to provide relief but  few are allowed anything when they apply the second time. In Dunfermline the voluntary food bank limits help to three parcels (9 nine days worth) The SHORTEST sanction effectively lasts 42 days ( although officially 28 days it takes another fourteen to receive benefit.)

Mistakes are easily made by nervous, vulnerable, dyslexic or traumatised people. Sanctions follow. In modern Britain the basic human right to food, shelter and warmth has been removed. jm

This second song by Stuart Fisher spells out the reality from someone who currently being sanctioned for the second time.


When an appointment

You fail to attend

They’ll make you make amends

Now I’ve no money

To do what I have to do

I feel depressed and o so blue


Now I feel in such a rut

Ask them to help

And in your face

The door is just shut

To add to your sorrow

You have to beg, steal, borrow


That doesent work most of the time

Sometimes your thoughts

Turn to crime

Some days you dont eat

Some days you do

You feel there’s no way out for you


You tell them you didnt

Receive your mail

It falls on deaf ears

And to no avail

You find it hard

Just to exist


Some of your thoughts

You have to resist

You go to collect your pay

You’re not told

You’re sanctioned

Till the next day


As my debts

Get more and more

I feel I shall

Stay in

And just lock my door