Above The Clouds – Ama Dablam Mountain, Eastern Nepal – Luca Febbraio – PhotoBotos.com

Posted on December 10, 2012


Above The Clouds (Ama Dablam) – Ama Dablam Mountain, Eastern Nepal – Luca Febbraio   11 comments

“This image seems to take the viewer to the top of the Ama Dablam peak along with Luca. In all honesty, I had never heard of the Himalayan peak Ama Dablam before. However, once taking a look at it, it seems more treacherous than K2 or even Everest. Does anyone know where it ranks on the difficulty scale of mountaineering? Luca adds some really valuable tips on mountain climbing and photography below his story. So if you are ever interested in reaching a summit with your camera, please read on. Then view his portfolio here http://500px.com/Mega-Pixel ”

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