Posted on October 10, 2012


Spot on. Actually you’ll find that ‘They’ stop sticking their noses in once you have comprehensively ignored their ‘advice’ once or twice. You’ll also find ‘they’ actually respect you more. A few will drop away – good riddance! New ‘they’s will arise from your decision, who respect boldness and independence more and travel with you along the way. I agree also that this is beautifiully written. By this time of the evening something has got to grab the attention and hold it to be read.. your post is exemplary! jm

Hearing With The Eye

           Things in life are never constant. Big or small, there are always a lot of decisions that you have to make, every day, every minute. Some are resolved in a snap, while the others, you try to push them away until the last moment, when it is absolutely necessary for you to move on from that crossroad. In most cases, turning back is never an option. Your life would have been entirely different if you had made just one different decision. But then, what is life if not about taking chances and making choices?

The battle between your brain and your heart, especially, is something that can never be resolved to your satisfaction. You sway like a tiny little flower caught in the fury of the hurricane- your heart fluttering to make you listen to it, as your brain fights back with reason on…

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