Make Way For The Boys

Posted on January 23, 2012


Make way for the Boys
They have been passed by
Too many times
On the other side
Left faceless and foot free
Not given the sanction
To be themselves
Shelved and quite fecklessly
Left in rotten rows

The boys were not
Expected to be good
Just to get out of the way
While the men abandoned them
The women indulged, ignored or
Screamed at them
They were not
Expected to be good
Just to do what they were told

How did you bear it brave boys of today?
You bore it by
Being the warriors of the night
By bitching the streets
And plummeting club depths
By charging the future
With your own deaths
You were very brave
And very angry
And despised everyone

I salute you, boys
Would your lonely fathers
Have survived the alleys like you?
Would your hurting mothers
Have known
How to hallow the thick streets?
Would your teachers
Have had the gall
To meet you as men and equals?

I love you, boys
And I wish your future
Could be as passioned and attacked
As your now
But I fear you will be
Thwacked into false goodness
Or behave as badly
As we who have abandoned you
To the streets

(c) John Macdonald – 2 Nov 2008

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